Marelize Koch

Marelize Koch is a qualified pianist and has been part of the music performing industry for many years.

Marelize started taking piano lessons at the age of 8 and did various recitals, exams and concerts.

After matriculating at Newcastle High School, which contributed to here passion for music in various ways she completed here B.Mus(hons) degree at the University of North West and accompanied choirs and musicals throughout here studies.

Except for here experience as pianist she also played trombone in the Kwazulu-Natal youth orchestra, the North-West University Symphony Orchestra and sang in the PUK choir. After completing here degree she went to London and performed as cocktail pianist at various functions in great locations for instance Regent park, The Tower Hotel(4 star deluxe hotel) – A Guoman Hotel next to Tower bridge, but also in various lounges and restaurants across London.

When Marelize came back to South Africa she started teaching at Newcastle High School. Since here first year of teaching Marelize was involved in co-ordinating entertainment for annual school and community functions with responsibilities such as overall program management, stage management, co-ordinator for local as well as professional artists and entertainment co-ordinator.

Henno William

13-year-old award-winning singer, songwriter & pianist from South Africa

First ever ‘Got Talent’ Golden Buzzer recipient in South Africa, and a finalist on SA’s Got Talent 2015, 13-year-old Henno William has just released his debut single, Beauty Queen. The song is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and many other digital music platforms.

“Usually, I don’t have a set method: it comes naturally. Sometimes when I play piano I come up with a cool chord progression or sometimes I have nice words and then I’ll sit and force myself to get some chords to go with it. That really comes naturally. Sometimes when you don’t have any ideas it can be frustrating but it comes when the time is right.”

“It’s the basics of knowing how to use your voice without hurting it and it really helps your range. I can sing three octaves and four notes! You get much further when you do things the right way and you can sing much higher than you used to. You practise your techniques and you practise with your vocal coaches but when you’re on stage you just go for it and you just perform – and if you practice that stuff really well then it all just comes naturally.”

Henno’s solid identity

Best of all, Henno has learned at a very early age that success is not about successful imitation but about having confidence in your own musical identity. It is very rare to have so young an artist already with such a clear idea of what they hope to achieve.

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