Many dealers, sales persons and èven music teachers try to compare keyboards with acoustic pianos. The above will try to make people believe that a keyboard is a better choice, and use the following reasons in order to persuade a buyer to purchase a keyboard rather than an acoustic piano…

  1. No – or cheap maintenance.
  2. More affordable.
  3. Portable.
  4. Easier to learn to play and obtain the necessary practical skills.
  5. Better sound quality.
  6. Easier to create new compositions.
  7. Takes up less space and easier to store.

The truth is, although some of the arguments may be plausible, comparing keyboards and similar electronic keyboard instruments with acoustic pianos, is like comparing apples with pears. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Acoustic pianos are timeless and keep their value much longer than any electronic keyboard instrument.
  2. Acoustic pianos have a different touch, even if compared with touch sensitive keys on a keyboard, and each acoustic piano has a touch of its own which gives it an individual character.
  3. Acoustic pianos have a unique sound. Each piano differs and has a unique quality which improves the individual character of a specific music performance.
  4. From an aesthetic perspective, depending on where the instrument is used, it can be more pleasing to the eye (especially in the case of Grand Pianos).
  5. A piano in good condition can be especially pleasing on the ear for classical and Jazz genres. The better the piano, the fuller the acoustic sound.
  6. A great number of teachers in classical and Jazz genres are still of opinion that a good acoustic piano is still the best instrument for technique development.

To conclude: There is no golden rule of what is best for you when it comes to making the choice. Firstly you have to consider your budget. If you have less than R8000 to spend, it is very likely that a beginner instrument in the form of an electronic keyboard will be the better choice for you. I thoroughly believe that it is better to buy a cheap keyboard than a cheap piano in a poor condition.
When it comes to making a choice with a bigger budget, it all depends for what purpose it is going to be used, and which genre you are going to perform.

If you are serious about music however, the ideal is to have both. You can only expand your possibilities in giving variety in your performances, and where you want to perform. Be sure that you know exactly what to expect when you are going to perform and ensure that you have an instrument that will fulfil your needs and expectations.