Pearl River – UP115M2

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  • Ebony Polish

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Pearl River upright piano is designed to enhance any home décor, the piano is also a dedicated performer with a sound as rich and compelling as many grand pianos. This solid, consistent studio beauty is the perfect choice for students, amateur enthu-siasts and professionals alike. Sturdy back construction including leg toe blocks and large casters, a maximum soundboard area and an extremely respon-sive action make this piano an unequalled value worthy of consideration by the most demanding musicians.

1 review for Pearl River – UP115M2

  1. Kayla

    As a non-professional but accomplished player, I’ve enjoyed the Pearl River UP118M model for several years. For its stature and price, it packs quite a punch. The treble is pearly and the bass is powerful. It has a lovely cantabile timbre in the middle register, and a satisfying action. My Bach is crisp and my Chopin resonant. The exterior finish is professional and luxurious, and the interior is of high quality. It’s a rewarding investment for the student pianist.

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